Electrical Rewiring

Offering electrical rewiring services across Luton, Dunstable, Harpenden and other surrounding areas.

Here at N&M Electrical, we're on hand to offer electrical rewiring services across Luton, Dunstable, Harpenden and other surrounding locations - Including Caddington, Slip End and East Hyde. So, if you're looking for a full or partial electrical rewire services, look no further and get in touch with us! You can call us on, 01582 932 533. However, if you would like to read more on our electrical rewiring service, take a look below. 

Electrical Rewiring in Luton, Dunstable & Harpenden

Sometimes, it's much better to have an electrician carry out an electrical rewire on your existing house wiring. Why? Well there's a range of reasons, including the following: 

  • For the safety of your home, as existing wiring could be very old. 
  • So you can start save money on your energy bills. 
  • Prevent the possibility of a power cut. 
  • To prevent malfunctioning appliances in your home. 
  • Because old wiring can catch fire.

Now that you're aware of just some of the reasons to consider an electrical rewire, we've also made mention of some of the signs your property could be in need of an electrical rewire service: 

  • Regular fuses are blown.
  • Sparks occur when plug or unplug a cord. 
  • Unusual noises such as buzzing or sizzling.
  • Flickering or possibly dimmed lights.  

As you can see, there are some signs to look out for which could indicate the need for electrical rewiring services for your property in Luton, Dunstable, Harpenden, Slip End or East Hyde. This said, if you'd like to get in touch with us regarding our electrical rewiring services, take a look at our contact details at the bottom of this page. 

Why Choose N&M Electrical? 

At N&M Electrical, we are CPS Registered with Blue Flame Certification, Part P Electrical Installers and TrustMark Registered; so you can have peace of mind that your electrical rewire needs are in great hands with us across Luton, Dunstable, Harpenden, Slip End, East Hyde, Caddington, Tea Green, Harlington, Toddington and Houghton Regis. We're also both highly professional and reliable, so look no further and get in touch with us.

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Ready to get in touch? Great! You can contact us either via our phone number on, 01582 932 533 or by sending us an email at, info@nandmes.co.uk. Alternatively, if you head across to our contact page on the website, you can send us a message via the contact form. Thank you for taking the time to read about our electrical rewire services in Luton, Dunstable, Harpenden and other surrounding areas.

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