Signs Your Home Needs a House Rewire

Getting a home rewire is the best way to protect yourself from any electrical faults that may be lurking. While it may seem like an extreme step to take, sometimes it is the best option. It is important you know when a rewire is necessary, so you don't spend more money than necessary- and to make sure your home is always safe and sound. Keep reading to find out when you need a rewire!

1. Burning smell

An obvious sign of a fault is a constant burning smell in your home. If you notice this, you should call out an electrician straight away to see what is going on.

2. Charred or discoloured outlets

If your outlets or switches have become discoloured, there is likely to be a loose connection somewhere, caused by faulty wires. This will lead to arcing sparks which causes small fires on the surface. This can lead to much more serious issues, so should be immediately looked at.

3. Flickering lights

If your lights flicker, it could simply be a sign that you need to replace the light bulb or screw it in properly. If you check this out and the issue continues, it could be a result of something more serious.

4. Tripping circuit breakers

Your circuit breakers will trip to protect you from any electric shocks. If they regularly trip, it means there is an issue with your electrics that should be looked at by an electrician.

5. You have received an electric shock

If you have had an electric shock from your electrics, you need to call out an electrician straight away. What may feel like the smallest of shocks to you can be much more dangerous, especially to children, so should be repaired immediately.

6. Aluminium wires

Having aluminium wires still in your home is a key sign it is outdated and in need of a rewire. Aluminium is no longer the best option to go for, so should be replaced for something more suitable.

7. Rubber Insulated Wires

You should also know that rubber insulated wires are a cause for concern. Having rubber insulated wires can be a fire hazard to your home and all wires should be PVC insulated to combat this hazard.

Electrical rewires

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